1985_1101 : Two Pasts No Future




This 1985 song gave me a chance to do two things that were important to me. First, to sing the lyric:

If we both have a past, we don’t have a future,

referring to the emotional baggage people bring with them into relationships. I strongly believe that the first important step in a new relationship is to be able to leave the past behind; not to let it taint the future, not to have any luggage. This has always struck me as a situation of tragic proportions, due to the many times we are unable to follow the direction a loved one leads us in after their bad experiences; consequently, the way in which we pay for the mistakes of others.

Second, I liked it because it gave me the chance to do an upbeat song in a style made popular by the Cure, featuring an active bass line (which I played), an angular guitar lead, and some moody synths, yet with an up-tempo groove.