2006_0928 : The Stenotelegrapher (Mix 1)




A very satisfying little piece, also based upon a simple idea and working methodology.

As an hommage to my friend Peter Moraites and his fondness for composing using a set of Redrum modules in Reason, I also issued myself a basic set of parameters while composing The Stenotelegrapher, to see how far I could get. The goal was to work across a horizontal timeline and to curtail the building and exporting of loops for once; and although the piece was allowed to generate over numerous sessions, while listening to the vibraphone’s easy repetition, I found myself comfortable with this track, in knowing at exactly what point to stop.

(Ironically, the title was conceived at a completely different time and under separate circumstances. I found it while hunting through my list of potential track names, while trying to better “Zitherimba.”