2000_0805 : Pwweg (Ankleduster / Mix 1)




“Pwweg” (officially “Ankleduster”) is an emotionally-charged track — the first major release of creative energy in about a year, during the latter part of 2000.

Formed as a Drum ’N’ Bass soundtrack for the version 2.0 DayForNight.com site (presented at its inception in the format seen currently at http://www.NIGHTlinkRail.com) — this track received its life-force as an infusion of jungle influence, at a time when I was not working terribly hard at creating new music on a daily basis, due to the many, numerous technical complications arising from no longer having a fluid studio environment for composing, and having to do all “formal” music production sitting on the floor in my studio apartment. The bassline lead (played on guitar) was the first track recorded, and all other sound design and production follows this lead.

This is, for me, personally memorable as a truly righteous moment in Day For Night history — a kind of ür-Jungle track, realised at the last minute before formal launch of the Day For Night online brand, and received — quite positively — by a receptive online community.