1992_1012 : Anything To Forget




I have odd memories of a November 20, 1987, because that particular day when my home was being fumigated and instead of going home from work I drove around to record stores and finally checked into a hotel in Westwood. It was raining, and I remember driving by my house, which was now wrapped in a giant bag. It looked like some weird Christmas present. On the way to the hotel I thought of the line:

Anything, to forget everything
I would do anything – to forget everything

This idea resonated for a few hours. I remember looking through my newest LPs (Durutti Column’s Circuses and Bread, The The’s Soul Mining) on the bed in the room, and feeling weird about staying in a hotel only eight blocks from home. The melody was brilliant, I felt, and the lyrics were about wanting to forget about Theresa, completely. I was beginning to succeed.

The rest of the words came about a year later, when my friend Lisa U. told me that her boyfriend had broken up with her on her birthday. I remember remarking to her that anyone who would do something like that was not worth the time of day… And it sounded like a day worth forgetting.