1991_1031 : All Mine (Techno Mix)




All Mine began out of the Blue Period lyrics…I had suddenly so many things to say, so much pain and anger, that I wrote about a page full of lyrics a day, and needed post-it notes on the dashboard of my car to handle the copious noting I would engage in while driving.

I was wanting to do an intense hip hop groove with this low voice (panting) “All… mine… ” and found that it worked over the remix of I’m Not Your Slave by Revenge. I wrote the entire groove around this idea, and before I knew it, I had another musical gem that I wanted to hold onto and not part with.

Still trying to locate material for our Von Trapps set, I also considered offering up All Mine, which at the time I was willing to put up for adoption. Though when I played my cousin Daniel these four Von Trapps songs, later that April, the one he raved about was All Mine, and I knew I was onto something with this tune which I had come up with on my own. I pushed it into the Rhythm Factory set instead…

Hearing it today, I still want to add a guitar track. It’s dark, ethereal and catchy, and therefore a good beginner for a collection of remixed songs.