1991_0401 : The Blue Period




Lyrics written between April 14-25, 1991 became The Blue Period. The lyrics that arose during the period of writing Prefab Marriage (All Mine), Catholic School Girl Wonder, An Affectionate Gesture, were all supposedly going to be the same song, until too many ideas came forward, without one particular unifying structure, rhythm, or form.

My leading influence for many of the lyrics was the melody of Spanish Heart and Bernard Sumner’s vocal style… and the segue to QMart on 808 State’s ex:el. Below is the full transcript:

How can I begin to shake these
Ghosts, I mean, what is this, really
I can’t bear to keep discussing
Ghosts who never give me time of day
But how can I begin to shake this
Writhing deep inside my stratus
What are you looking for
What I’ve realized
After all this time
Is that I couldn’t be made happier
I won’t allow this to slip through my fingers
I can’t get by without your sympathy
It places me in a great hypocrisy
Claire – you look so fine to me
As far as I can see
You’re in my symphony
You’ve put me in a tree (All Mine lyrics, not quite it… )
Prefab Marriage and Home
Claire – This city sleeps at night with you
In the air – I smell the distant burning fumes
Can’t you tell that we’re made for each other… .
Clear – As an unmuddied lake that you’re my friend
In the end – you know I’m bound to disappear…
Dreaming of just how things ought to be
Your prefab marriage
Your prefab home
Dreaming of just how things ought to be
Your prefab marriage
Your prefab home
Actor, Acting (faster, like Q Mart)
I’ve become an incredible actor
Jumping from a smiling face to my mantra
I could use a holiday in Lausanne-trah
The Perfect Moment, Crushed
Love… is the reason that you’re here
with me… .
Or so I’m told
It’s the time to act so reasonably
I can’t grow old
Without you along my side
I can’t go
Abandon all this pride…
Love the perfect moment
will lay in ruins, and that’s your own doing
Love the perfect moment
your prefab marriage, prefab marriage and home
Always wanting what I cannot have…
Why wouldn’t you blow out only
Half the candles on a birthday cake?
If you want to live your life this way…
(Why Did You Have to Go and) Take My Hope Away
What do you say when you’ve
Found the Perfect Girl
And what can you do if it
Tears you apart You
Know that it’s really
The Season of Change
And everything round you goes broke
In the World
I’m happy to be in the world today
A leading edge
A hand that slaps
A voice that scolds
And scalds I’m told
You’re with me now
And so I’m sold
Forever through
A Winter’s cold…
A ringing word…
A shuddering glare
Inside me your smile
Which takes me there
Forever more