1990_1212 : Held (Cynthia Netherland’s Theme)




Another favorite piece from the 3 Mains project. I wrote it much later in the year 1990, as I was winding up the album and was finding that I could no longer escape piano music. It was also a reaction to the Suzanne Vega song Fifty Fifty Chance. Marie was a fan of hers, and I imagined her sitting in Belgium, having bought the new CD, and wondered what her favorite song might be.

The rising violin line was reminiscent of the style in Dick Maas’s soundtrack for Amsterdamned, which I had already borrowed the name of as a title for another of my pieces.

Cynthia Netherlands was a name I came up with while driving on Sunset Blvd. I always liked the name Cynthia, and saw it up on a billboard for a comic play called “A Girl’s Guide To Chaos.” The music sounds so much like it’s about someone who is a true victim, and the name Cynthia Netherlands really fit the bill, it had some peculiar element of tragedy to it…