1989_0111 : I Don’t See You




I wrote this as an instrumental for M. during the period when I was falling for her. One might even suggest that this song made “Day For Night” happen, since it was the track that gave me the confidence and determination to push forward from 1989 into the 1991 launch of my first 3 Mains disc. Although the song “I Don’t See You” had little to do with the first release, it was really only held up by the lack of concrete lyrics; a hurdle that I’ve been unable to cross for this particular song, over nearly 20 years.

Half of the lyrics were in French for the very reason that I wanted a song that could make it big in either America, France or Belgium. It’s one of my favorite songs, musically, and has had a particularly strong effect on others.

(In fact, I was so enthusiastic about the sound of the mix, which I had done on John Bahler’s portable DAT machine and borrowing one of his Yamaha REV 7 reverbs, that I soon afterwards bought my own DAT machine and REV 7 for my studio in order to recapture that “transparent” sound.)

The original musical concept was a faster, more In-between Days tempo song with the same structure, but where the slower moody section would come out of a synth chord sustained in a shorter version of the ending. I continued to rework the lyrics until July 5, 1991, when I finally had something which I could sound remotely convincing in trying to sing in French.