1987_0718 : Currency




Patti V. was a girl I had a crush on when I was fifteen, but I had never been about to let her know, as she liked my friend Marc. I wrote Snowbound – 12.21.81 based upon the feeling of that Christmas season once I had realized my feelings for her.

She vanished and reappeared in a convenience store and in a service station parking lot about once a year from then. There was a strange feeling inside me that we would always be resuming a conversation that had left off the last time we had seen one another. I always found myself unable to take action and ask her to see me.

A dark cloud lifted the July of ’84 when Seven Seas by Echo and the Bunnymen made the charts. I was in the process of designing a look for my home, building furniture, and working long hours in a clothing store. One day, I was visiting by my long-lost friend Patti, who had seen me through the window as she passed by. I was so surprised, I was speech–less. A kind of love at first sight again. I wrote this song to be lighter, more acoustic, to reflect the optimism that seemed to follow her around.