1987_0102 : Break-In (Soundtrack)




Matt’s 310 was a twelve minute story about an inept burglar who breaks into the home of a kidnapper who has just taken a millionaire’s daughter as hostage, and who decides to get both the girl and the ransom money.

I helped out on the set, and remember the first night of filming, in front of Matt’s house, where the front was eerily lit from the street and Matt’s smoke alarm kept going off because of the heat from the lights indoors.

When the film was all done, we had one weekend to do all the music. I had also been doing the score for Pat Reilly’s Of Human Bondage, and ran quite late on Saturday night. Matt arrived early to hurry the process, and we ended up watching the Pink Panther instead of doing any scoring.

I remember he was quite nervous about the fact that no music had been recorded, but I felt very confident now because I knew exactly what effect I was going for: the broad comedy of the Pink Panther was scored like a cartoon. I knew we would do the same.

The finished results were truly superior to those of our competitors. We not only had the most amusing film and score, but we had done extensive foley to provide a complete FX track as well. The film, when shown to its audience, received a standing ovation and outshone the rest of the films, for which complete sound effects had not been given the foresight. For me, it was a grand moment, to have all my friends, as well as Theresa and her friends all there to cheer the film from the front row that night.